Potatoes Zhukovsky: variety description, photos, reviews

Potatoes Zhukovsky: variety description, photos, reviews

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Everyone who is engaged in growing vegetables on their own tries to select varieties of crops according to the ripening time. This technique provides gardeners with fresh produce throughout the season. Early vegetables serve to replenish nutrients in early spring, when the body has already used up its reserves. Early Zhukovsky potatoes are a high-yielding variety bred by Russian breeders.

The task of the scientists was to develop a potato that, despite its early ripening period, had an excellent taste, did not boil over and was resistant to extreme conditions. After all, early varieties are in great demand. Young potatoes are loved for their unique taste and nutritional properties. And although such a product is seasonal, this does not stop gardeners in search of new varieties of early potatoes. Despite their short shelf life, early potatoes are considered a valuable supplier of vitamins and minerals. Therefore, the Zhukovsky variety became a real victory for breeders.

Distinctive features of the variety

The potato variety Zhukovsky is quite famous.

This is one of the early ripening early varieties, with a guaranteed yield on soils of different composition and with a large variation in climatic conditions. After the first shoots appear, only two months pass, and you can feast on the first root crops. Among the main distinguishing characteristics of Zhukovsky potatoes are:

  1. Neat, beautiful appearance of tubers. The peel on them is pink, smooth, absolutely even and thin. Sometimes there are Zhukovsky potatoes of a rich red color. Each tuber has a weight of at least 165 g and a very harmonious, rounded-oval shape, during cooking it retains a dense consistency (does not boil over). The eyes are small, few in number, red, located over the entire surface. The flesh of the tubers is white, does not darken when cut. Potatoes are resistant to damage, their presentation is preserved during long-term transportation.
  2. The structure of the bush. The plant is semi-spreading, its height is medium-sized. A bush with few highly branched stems. The leaf mass is dark green with large leaves. The leaves are large, with well-developed veins, dissected. Potatoes Zhukovsky bloom briefly and abundantly. The flowers are reddish-purple with white tips. Inflorescences are compact, elegant. Does not form fruit.
  3. Nutritional value. An early potato variety Zhukovsky contains up to 15% starch, a whole range of vitamins, bioflavonoids, organic acids and fiber. Zhukovsky potato tubers can be considered a full-fledged source of protein and minerals (phosphorus, magnesium, sodium, potassium, calcium). The calorie content is quite low, practically does not contain fats and cholesterol.
  4. Productivity. This indicator is distinguished by the stability and quality of potatoes harvested from a unit of area. For farms or organizations it is up to 600 c / ha. For private plantings, the yield is measured by the number of tubers obtained from one bush. The Zhukovsky variety allows you to collect more than 10 tubers from one plant.
  5. Resistance to potato diseases and pests. The most common are cancer, scab, rhizoctonia, nematode. Zhukovsky's early potatoes perfectly resist these formidable dangers. Shows resistance to late blight, Alternaria, viral diseases a little worse, but enough to preserve the harvest.
  6. Unpretentiousness. Zhukovsky potatoes, a description of which can be found in specialized literature, differs from other varieties in excellent resistance to drought and low temperatures. This is a valuable quality of early potatoes, because they are planted during periods of unstable weather. And irrigation irregularities will not lead to crop loss.
  7. Storage ability. This characteristic is appreciated in potatoes of any ripening period, but for early species it is considered very important. Getting an early harvest, and even keeping it longer, is the dream of any gardener. And with Zhukovsky potatoes this is possible within 8 months. Naturally, subject to storage conditions. In addition, Zhukovsky early resists mechanical damage well. Therefore, do not be afraid that a small scratch will cause the death of the root crop.

The list of the advantages of early Zhukovsky potatoes is quite impressive. It is a pleasure to grow this variety. But, it is better to get acquainted with the nuances of agricultural technology before planting.

Preparing to land

Seed potatoes are prepared for cultivation. The tubers must be sorted out and germinated. When sorting, soft, damaged, very small (less than 80g) roots are removed. Tubers should not be cut to increase the amount of seed. It is possible to significantly reduce or even lose the characteristics of the Zhukovsky variety.

Then the seed tubers are placed for germination. To do this, use boxes, bags or simply lay the tubers in bulk under the film. Provide temperature in the range + 4 ° - + 20 ° and diffused lighting. You can achieve it by covering the potatoes with a white cloth, paper, newspapers. When germinating at room conditions, you will have to add turning and moistening Zhukovsky potatoes. Simultaneously with moistening, disinfection is carried out using ordinary potassium permanganate. Disinfect tubers at least once a week.

They are treated against pests and diseases. For this purpose, chemical disinfectants are used that scare off parasites and protect Zhukovsky from diseases.

Important! When buying drugs, you need to ensure that detailed instructions for use are available. If protection measures are provided, you should not neglect the requirements.

The quality of germination can be traced to the emergence of sprouts. If sprouts of about 1 cm appeared on the tubers, then we can assume that everything was done correctly.

When planting by hand in a small area, you can shorten the ripening period of the Zhukovsky variety. To do this, it is enough to place the tubers in peat, you can use wet sawdust. In such conditions, the root system develops faster. Another way is to cover the plantings with ordinary agrofibre, which protects young plants from frost.

A week before planting potatoes, Zhukovsky dug up the soil. It is best if it is a well-lit area. The composition of the soil does not really matter, but planting the Zhukovsky variety in one place for several seasons in a row is highly discouraged.

Features of care and harvesting

Growing early potatoes Zhukovsky will not force you to sit at textbooks on agronomy. It is enough to complete the main stages of care so that the variety will be thanked with a large harvest. The necessary measures remain:

  1. Weeding row spacings and loosening the soil. Begin as needed immediately after planting Zhukovsky seed potatoes. So that weeds do not clog the seedlings, it is necessary to remove them in time. Loosening improves the air permeability of the soil and promotes better plant development.
  2. Comprehensive pest control. Parasites such as the Colorado potato beetle and the bear are capable of causing great damage to potato beds. The Zhukovsky variety does not have immunity against these insects, so you will have to take measures to scare them away or destroy them.
  3. Watering. The drought resistance of early potatoes Zhukovsky still does not save vegetable growers from watering. It can be carried out moderately, but in case of drought - at least 5 liters per linear meter of the garden.
  4. Hilling. An important stage in the care of potatoes Zhukovsky. The tubers are protected from excess moisture, the root system is aerated. Hilling is carried out several times. Mandatory during the flowering period, then as needed. This procedure also keeps the bushes from falling apart.

Be sure to go around the site in order to notice the first signs of diseases, damage to plants in time. This technique allows you to control the regularity of watering, weeding, loosening and hilling.

The description of the Zhukovsky variety contains information that the potatoes are ready for harvesting in 60 days. It is recommended to cut the tops at the end of July. Root crops have already been formed, and this procedure will save you from late blight. Zhukovsky potatoes can be harvested mechanically. Its resistance to damage allows it. The tubers are stored in a dark room at a temperature of +2 - +5 degrees.

It is recommended to keep the set temperature range, otherwise it will be impossible to save the crop. After all, Zhukovsky is an early variety of potatoes that usually cannot be stored for a long time.

It is possible to achieve maximum productivity of the Zhukovsky variety in almost any region and on any soil. The main condition will be compliance with the recommendations.


The best characteristic that distinguishes the Zhukovsky early potato variety is the reviews of vegetable growers:

Lilia Sabelnik, 52 years old, Achinsk

For the first time I saw a variety of early potatoes Zhukovsky in the photo. I liked the tubers for their shape. Plus, my family loves pink potatoes. In the first year, they were pleasantly surprised by the amount of the harvested crop. We received a significant addition to the home budget from a small plot. We managed to save the tubers until the New Year without any problems. The taste of Zhukovsky potatoes is very pleasant; during cooking, it does not boil over and does not darken.

Petr Vasilievich Nemakin, 55 years old, Abakan

I am very pleased with the choice of my wife. For the third year we have been growing the early potato variety Zhukovsky. Already in June we are eating delicious potatoes. Good for storage too. Does not require special care. And you need to loosen and water any crop.

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