How to process potatoes before planting with copper sulfate

How to process potatoes before planting with copper sulfate

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Gardeners plant potatoes on their plots to get a bountiful harvest. Of course, the choice of the variety is critical. But tubers not prepared in a special way are not able to please vegetable growers. It is no secret that potatoes are attacked by pests during the entire vegetative period, and diseases cannot escape it.

Gardeners have a lot of secrets in store for preparing seed potatoes before planting. One of the ways is to treat tubers with copper sulfate.

Important! Ecologists recognize this substance as harmless to potato tubers, humans and animals.

The value of processing before planting

There are many ways of pre-sowing treatment of potato tubers, but their blind use will not give results. Novice vegetable growers should clearly understand the meaning of the upcoming work, and not blindly follow the advice and recommendations:

  1. First of all, the preparation of tubers allows you to get up to 9 strong sprouts, which is at least 15 potatoes in each bush.
  2. Secondly, the treatment of tubers saves a third of the crop from various potato diseases.
  3. Treatments with vitriol increase the vitality of the plant, stimulate the growth of stolons, therefore, potatoes will yield healthy root crops.

Physical properties of vitriol

It is a poisonous powdery substance of blue color. The healing properties of vitriol for humans and plants have long been known. The powder contains many small crystals that are readily soluble in water. It turns blue.

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Features of processing with vitriol

The treatment of potato tubers before planting does not start with copper sulfate. Rather, they complete all the preparatory work.

How to prepare potatoes:

  1. Before processing the tubers with vitriol solution, the planting material is germinated. In a bright room, under the influence of sunlight, the potatoes change color, turn green. This is already protection for future plantings from pests.
  2. But it’s not time to start treating with copper sulfate. There are special products that stimulate plant growth. The vitriol treatment is carried out directly in containers where potatoes are germinated. You can make an oven ash hood and spray the tubers.
  3. After 20-30 days, the sprouts become strong, green. There are 2-3 days left before planting. This is the time to process potato tubers with vitriol solution.

The use of vitriol

In pre-planting preparation, it is important to treat seed potatoes from fungal diseases, late blight. Copper sulfate is the best remedy.

Warning! When preparing a solution of vitriol, you can use containers made of wood, melting. Enamel cookware will do.

The solution cannot be stored, it must be used after preparation no later than ten hours.

There are several options for using vitriol solution for processing potatoes. Let's consider them in more detail.

First composition

It is necessary to pour 10 liters of water into a bucket, add a teaspoon of powdered copper sulfate. The water will turn blue. Then the same amount of potassium permanganate and boric acid.

The sprouted tubers are carefully folded into a net so as not to damage the sprouts and dipped in the prepared solution for a quarter of an hour. While the tubers are raw, they are sprinkled with dry wood ash. It adheres well. This is a kind of additional fertilizer.

Second composition

This solution will require a matchbox of copper sulfate, one gram of potassium permanganate. They are dissolved in 10 liters of water. The solution can be sprayed on the tubers before planting or dipped in a bucket for a few minutes. You can also roll in ash.

Attention! The first and second solutions are intended for processing tubers just before planting.

Third composition

The next composition, which is also treated with seed, is more saturated. Apply it before preparing the tubers for germination. The presence of a complex of fertilizers in combination with copper sulfate destroys possible potato diseases and gives strength for the full development of sprouts.

The solution consists of:

  • 60 grams of superphosphate;
  • 40 grams of urea;
  • 5 grams of copper sulfate;
  • 10 grams of boric acid;
  • 1 gram of potassium permanganate;
  • 10 liters of hot water.

Mix all ingredients. They dissolve well in hot water. When the solution cools down, seed potatoes must be dipped into it, and kept for 30 minutes. After the tubers are dry, they are laid out for germination.

Bordeaux liquid

For the preparation of Bordeaux liquid, copper sulfate is used. This solution can have different concentrations: it all depends on the application. For processing seed potatoes, a 1% composition is required.

To prepare the product, you will need 100 grams of vitriol, the same amount of quicklime for 10 warm water. The solution is prepared in two containers by dividing the water in half. Lime is slaked in one, blue powder is dissolved in the other.

Attention! Copper sulfate is poured into milk, and not vice versa.

This process is clearly visible in the photo.

Bordeaux liquid destroys:

  • black scab;
  • black leg;
  • fungal diseases.

The Colorado potato beetle, wireworm, does not like tubers treated with a solution.

Bordeaux liquid is a low-toxic drug, safe for humans.

Many novice gardeners are interested in how to process tubers before planting. Immediately before planting, the sprouted potatoes are laid out in one layer on a large piece of cellophane and simply sprayed on each tuber. Naturally, you need to work in protective clothing.

Burgundy liquid

Unfortunately, with the advent of the latest chemicals, Russians have forgotten about one effective remedy - Burgundy liquid. In addition to protecting it, it provides the treated plants with calcium.

For cooking, you will need the ingredients available to every Russian:

  • powdered vitriol - 100 grams;
  • liquid soap - 40 grams. You can take laundry soap (an excellent antiseptic), grate it and fill it with water;
  • soda ash - 90 grams.

Warning! Burgundy liquid, unlike Bordeaux liquid, is toxic due to the fumes of soda ash.

The ingredients are designed for 10 liters of water. We divide it in half. Vitriol is diluted in one vessel, soda and soap in the other. The blue solution is poured into the soda solution. Treat seed potatoes with vitriol solution 7 days before planting.

Attention! Both of these drugs are available off the shelf. The method of application is described in the instructions.

Don't forget about safety

Copper sulfate belongs to the third hazard class due to toxicity.

Before use, you must carefully read the instructions. It should be noted that resistance - addiction of plants to the drug is absent.

When working with the drug, small children and animals must be removed from the room. In addition, you must not eat, smoke.

Personal protective equipment is needed. Try to cover all parts of your body, wear goggles over your eyes, and use a face shield. When working with a solution of copper sulfate, rubber gloves should be worn on your hands.

In no case should you dilute the vitriol solution in the dishes that are used for cooking. After completing the work, you should thoroughly wash your hands with laundry soap, rinse your face. Since the solution evaporates, be sure to rinse the mouth and nasal cavity. You cannot stay in work clothes.

In the room where the pre-sowing treatment of potatoes is carried out, it should not be higher than 25 degrees. If they work with copper sulfate on the street, they choose calm weather.

If you get poisoned ...

If, despite the precautions, vapor poisoning still occurs, you need to leave the room, inhale fresh air. The mouth is rinsed, hands and face are washed. The help of a doctor in this case is necessary.

The solution is well absorbed into the skin, especially if the body is sweaty. If you accidentally splashed liquid on your skin, you should immediately dilute the soap in warm water and thoroughly rinse the area of ​​your body. It is not recommended to use a washcloth.

If a solution of copper sulfate splashes into the eyes, rinse them with plenty of water to reduce the concentration of copper sulfate to a minimum.

If a person did not follow the rules of safe work with a solution of copper sulfate when processing potato tubers before planting, he worked without a protective mask, he may inhale poisonous fumes. You should go outside quickly.

Cold milk and egg yolks are good antidotes. As a supplement - activated carbon. First they drink milk or eggs, then coal. Drinking plenty of fluids is required.

When contacting a medical institution, the doctor will conduct a full examination and prescribe treatment. It is impossible to select medicines on your own after poisoning with copper sulfate!

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