Tomato Amber: characteristics and description of the variety

Tomato Amber: characteristics and description of the variety

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Yellow tomatoes are very popular with gardeners for their unusual color and good taste. Tomato Amber is a worthy representative of this group of varieties. It is distinguished by high productivity, early ripening and unpretentiousness.

Detailed description of the variety

Tomato Amber 530 is the result of the work of domestic breeders. The originator of the variety is the Crimean OSS. In 1999, the hybrid was tested and included in the State Register of the Russian Federation. Amber Tomato is recommended for growing in all regions of Russia. The variety is suitable for planting in gardens and small farms.

Amber tomato ripens early. The period from germination to harvest is 95 to 100 days.

Plant of indeterminate type. Gradually, the tomato stops growing, for this you do not need to pinch the top. The bush is standard, has a compact size. Plant height from 30 to 40 cm. In width reaches 60 cm. The branching of shoots is abundant.

The leaves are dark green, medium in size. The inflorescence is simple, at first it is laid over the 8th leaf. The next ovaries appear every 2 leaves.

Brief description and taste of fruits

Description of the fruits of the Amber variety

  • bright yellow color;
  • rounded shape;
  • weight 50 - 70 g, individual fruits reach 90 g;
  • dense skin.

Tomato Amber is rich in carotene, vitamins and sugars. The taste is excellent. The fruits tolerate storage and transportation well. They are used fresh for salads, appetizers, first and second courses. Tomatoes are suitable for whole fruit canning.

Varietal characteristics

The Yantarny tomato variety brings a stable and high yield. Fruiting early, the first harvest is harvested in July. Up to 2.5 - 3 kg of fruits are removed from the bush. Productivity from 1 sq. m is 5 - 7 kg. Fruiting is positively affected by care: feeding, watering, loosening the soil, choosing a suitable place for planting.

Advice! The Yantarny variety is suitable for regions of unstable farming.

The Yantarny tomato variety is grown in open and closed ground. The first option is chosen for warm regions and the middle lane. Amber tomato tolerates cold and other extreme conditions well. Plants are not afraid of a drop in temperature to -1 C. In the northern regions of Russia, it is better to plant tomatoes in a greenhouse or greenhouse.

Amber Tomato is resistant to major diseases. With high humidity, the risk of infection with fungal diseases increases. Signs of late blight, spotting, and rot appear on the leaves, shoots and fruits. Lesions have the appearance of brown or gray spots, which quickly spread over the plants, inhibit their growth and reduce productivity.

Bordeaux liquid, Topaz and Oxyhom preparations are used to fight diseases. Tomatoes are sprayed in the morning or evening. The next processing is carried out after 7 to 10 days. For the prevention of planting, they are treated with Fitosporin solution.

Tomatoes attract aphids, spider mites, scoops, and slugs. Pests feed on leaves and fruits of plants. Against insects, Actellik or Fundazol preparations are chosen. Good prevention is the annual digging of the soil and control over the thickening of the plantings.

Pros and cons of the variety

The main advantages of the Amber tomato variety:

  • early maturation;
  • growing in a seedless way;
  • high content of nutrients in fruits;
  • cold resistance;
  • does not require pinching;
  • immunity to disease;
  • good taste;
  • universal application.

The Yantarny variety has no pronounced drawbacks. A minus for gardeners can only be a small mass of fruits. If agricultural technology is followed, then there are no difficulties in growing this tomato.

Planting and care rules

The successful cultivation of tomatoes depends a lot on proper planting and care. At home, seedlings are obtained, which are planted in a permanent place. The Yantarny variety also requires minimal maintenance.

Growing seedlings

For tomato seedlings, boxes or containers with a height of 12 - 15 cm are chosen. Drainage holes must be provided. After picking, the plants are planted in separate containers with a volume of 2 liters. It is convenient to use peat cups for tomatoes.

The soil for seedlings is taken from a summer cottage or bought in a store. Any loose nutrient soil will do. If the earth is used from the street, then it is kept for 2 months in the cold. Before planting seeds, the soil is warmed up in the oven.

Tomato seeds are also processed. This will avoid diseases of seedlings and get seedlings faster. The planting material is kept for 30 minutes in a solution of potassium permanganate. Then the seeds are washed with clean water and dipped in a growth stimulant solution.

Important! Amber tomato seeds are planted in March.

The order of planting tomatoes of the Amber variety:

  1. Wet soil is poured into the container.
  2. The seeds are planted to a depth of 1 cm. 2 - 3 cm are left between the seedlings.
  3. The containers are covered with polyethylene and kept warm.
  4. The film is regularly turned over and condensation is removed from it.
  5. When shoots appear, planting is transferred to the windowsill.

If peat tablets are used, then 2 - 3 seeds are placed in each. Then the strongest plant is left, the rest are removed. This method of landing will help to do without a dive.

Seedlings of the Yantarny variety provide lighting for 12 - 14 hours. If necessary, include phytolamps. When the soil dries up, it is sprayed from a spray bottle. Tomatoes are protected from drafts.

When the seedlings have 2 leaves, they begin to pick. Each plant is transplanted into a separate container. First, the soil is watered, then carefully removed from the container. They try not to damage the roots of the plants.

Transplanting seedlings

Tomatoes are transferred to a permanent place at the age of 30 - 45 days. This is usually mid to late May or early June. Such seedlings have reached a height of 30 cm and have 5 - 6 leaves.

3 weeks before planting in the ground, Amber tomatoes are hardened in the fresh air. First, they open the window and ventilate the room. Then the containers are transferred to the balcony. This will help the seedlings quickly adapt to new conditions.

The soil for the culture is prepared in advance. They choose a site where cabbage, onions, garlic, root crops grew a year earlier. Planting after potatoes, peppers and any varieties of tomatoes is not recommended. In the greenhouse, it is better to completely replace the topsoil. In the fall, the soil is dug up and humus is introduced.

Tomatoes prefer lighted areas and fertile soil. The crop grows well in light and loose soils that are rich in nutrients. The introduction of compost, superphosphate and potassium salt helps to improve the composition of the soil.

Tomatoes of the Yantarny variety are planted according to the 40x50 cm scheme. Holes are prepared in the soil, which are watered and fertilized with wood ash. The seedlings are carefully removed from the containers and transferred to the hole along with a clod of earth. Then the soil is compacted and watered.

In warm climates, Amber tomato seeds are planted directly to an open area. They choose the time when the heat will settle down and the frost will pass. The seeds are deepened by 1 - 2 cm, a thin layer of humus is poured on top. Seedlings are provided with standard care: watering, feeding, tying.

Planting care

Tomatoes of the Yantarny variety are unpretentious in care. Plants are watered 1 - 2 times a week, do not allow the soil to dry out. Apply 2 - 3 liters of water under the bush. Moisture is especially important during the flowering period. When the fruits begin to ripen, watering is reduced to a minimum. Use only warm, settled water.

After watering, the soil is loosened so that moisture is better absorbed. To reduce the number of waterings, the soil is mulched with a layer of humus or straw.

Attention! Tomatoes of the Yantarny variety do not stepchild. Due to their compact size, it is convenient to tie them up. It is enough to drive a support 0.5 m high into the ground.

In the spring, Yantarny tomatoes are fed with slurry. The fertilizer contains nitrogen, which promotes the growth of shoots and leaves. During and after flowering, they switch to phosphorus-potassium fertilizing. Instead of mineral fertilizers, wood ash is used. It is added to the water before watering or embedded in the soil.


Tomato Amber is a domestic variety that is popular with gardeners. It is grown in various regions of Russia. The fruit tastes good and is versatile. The Yantarny variety requires minimal maintenance, so it is chosen for planting by farms and private households.


Berezina Valentina Petrovna, 57 years old, Ryazan

Several years ago I tried to grow Amber tomato. The variety attracted with its description and bright yellow fruits. I bought seeds at the nearest store. Seedlings emerged without any problems, the seedlings developed rapidly. In May, she transplanted tomatoes into a greenhouse. One of the advantages of the variety is its early ripening. The crop ripens approximately 3 months after germination. The bushes are compact, no more than 50 cm high. The fruits are very tasty, albeit a little dense.

Alla Vladimirovna Kostromina, 38 years old, Cheboksary

I love growing yellow tomatoes in the country, they are always pleasing to the eye. For many years I have been buying seeds of the Yantarny variety. Tomatoes reach about 0.5 m in height, so they can be conveniently grown outdoors. The skin of the fruit is dense, the harvest can be preserved with cucumbers or red tomatoes. Tomatoes are delicious and bright, they look great in salads. The Yantarny variety has enough minimal care: watering and top dressing. The bushes are not a stepson, he does not form unnecessary shoots.

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