How to make a Christmas toy from cones with your own hands

How to make a Christmas toy from cones with your own hands

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Christmas toys made of cones are not only a budgetary and original alternative to purchased Christmas tree decorations, but also a way to have a pleasant family pastime in anticipation of the New Year. Even a child can easily make adorable Christmas tree crafts. They give an adult a real scope for imagination and creativity.

Options for making toys from cones for the New Year

Such a decoration can be a great addition to a New Year's gift. A hand-made toy will say much more about the attitude and feelings of the donor than the most beautiful purchase postcard.

Spruce cones are unique. First, it is an environmentally friendly and safe material. Secondly, with their help, you can create many options for New Year's decorations, while spending a minimum of materials and time. And thirdly, the bumps will not cost anything, except for the effort spent on finding and collecting them.

The following types of Christmas tree decorations can be made from this natural raw material:

  • snowflakes;
  • fairytale heroes (fairies, elves, gnomes, angels);
  • various animals (deer, lamb, squirrel);
  • santa claus and snowmen;
  • funny birds;
  • mini-trees;
  • Garlands;
  • Christmas decorations-balls.

For Scandinavian gnomes, you can sew a small bag for toy gifts

They can also be used to make original wreaths and decorative Christmas trees to decorate the interior inside the house.

How to make a Christmas toy from cones

We must not forget that cones are a natural material that can behave differently in the forest and at home. Most often, specimens from ordinary spruce or Siberian pine, which are widely represented in the middle lane, are used to create Christmas tree decorations. Cedar is a little less common. All 3 species are generally the smoothest and least defect.

Almost all the material can be found on your own in the park, in the forest or in the arboretum (if possible). Each of the cones can be viewed as an art object with unique natural outlines. If there is no extra time to go to the forest, then you should look into the store of materials for creativity and purchase already processed (selected in size and shape) blanks.

Cones can be harvested from parks, forests, or purchased from a store

Self-collected material is sometimes extremely capricious. This is due to the natural nature of the raw materials and their reactions to external factors.

Important! You can only work with well-dried material. Each master decides for himself how to dry it (in the oven, in the microwave or in a natural way).

Since the air temperature outside and in a warm room differs significantly, the workpieces prepared for work may begin to open. If the master is satisfied with this, then there is no big trouble in this. It's another matter if you need a copy with tightly closed scales for a craft. In this case, it is recommended to lower the cone in a container with ordinary wood glue for 25-30 seconds. Then it is taken out and allowed to dry in the fresh air. Thanks to simple manipulation, the lump remains closed under all circumstances.

In some cases, there is a need for disclosed copies. You can speed up the "blooming" process by sending the forest raw materials to boiling water for 30 minutes. After that, you only need to dry the workpieces.

Advice! As an alternative to “cooking”, you can use an oven in which the cones are “baked” for 2 hours at a temperature of 250 ° C.

The shape of any bump can be corrected by first soaking it in water, and then tying it with thread in the form that is required. They change the color of the forest material using ordinary bleach, cones are soaked in its solution (1 to 1) for 18-20 hours, after which they are dried and used in work.

Cones look better when opened, for this purpose they can be kept in the oven for at least 1 hour until they open

To work with natural wood, the following materials and tools should be prepared:

  • paints (gouache, acrylic types, nail polish, aerosol);
  • brushes of different thicknesses;
  • PVA glue;
  • glue gun with an additional glue stick;
  • paper (colored, thick cardboard, newspapers);
  • foil;
  • Scotch;
  • threads and twine;
  • foam rubber, cut into small pieces;
  • textile materials (felt, tulle, satin);
  • tapes;
  • sequins and sequins;
  • artificial snow;
  • large tweezers;
  • pliers with a thin nose;
  • nippers;
  • scissors;
  • wire.

If your plans include changing the shape of the workpieces, then you should prepare a pot of water in advance or check the operation of the oven.

The simplest Christmas toys from cones for the New Year

In order to quickly make the simplest New Year's toy, you need to prepare in advance:

  • dried cone;
  • satin ribbon (any color);
  • a piece of twine;
  • glue gun;
  • bead.

To correct the shape of the bump, you first need to soak it in water, and then tie it with a thread.


  1. Tie the tape in a contrasting color into a neat little bow.
  2. Tie the bow with twine, leaving the ends free.
  3. Fix the entire structure with a wooden bead and glue everything to the base of the cone with a glue gun.
  4. Then measure the length of the loop, tie a knot and trim off any excess.

The decorative ribbon can be replaced with cotton lace or a piece of tulle. You can also additionally decorate the top of the toy with colored beads, small flowers, artificial snow and other types of decorations.

Christmas toys from painted cones on a Christmas tree

In approximately the same way, Christmas toys are made from colored raw materials. The main difference is that the workpieces are pre-painted. The master class of a New Year's toy made of cones is not particularly difficult.

Would need:

  • bump (pre-dried);
  • a piece of twine;
  • decorative ribbon or lace;
  • paint (white, silver or gold);
  • a piece of sponge;
  • glue gun.

Before painting, the Christmas tree decoration needs to be cleaned, this will allow the paint to be evenly applied


  1. Dip the sponge into the paint and carefully paint the ends of the scales.
  2. Let the workpiece dry.
  3. Tie the decorative ribbon into a small bow.
  4. Tie the bow with twine, leaving the ends free.
  5. Using a glue gun, glue the bow to the base of the workpiece.
  6. Measure the required length for the buttonhole, tie a knot and trim off any excess.
  7. If desired, decorate a New Year's toy with small beads.

To make the product even more spectacular and New Year's, you can use sparkles by applying them to the surface of the scales after being coated with glue, and instead of twine, use a gold-colored thread, a chain or a narrow decorative ribbon.

3 ways to color your buds:

For a more intense and deep coloring, use a thin brush and paints (gouache or acrylic).

Toys made of pine cones and Christmas balls on the Christmas tree

It is worth warning right away that New Year's toys of this type are very massive and are suitable for decorating only tall spruces or pines.

You will need:

  • dried buds;
  • foam ball;
  • tape;
  • glue gun.

For toys, it is better to take small cones.


  1. Make a loop from the tape and glue it (or pin it with a pin) to the base of the foam blank.
  2. Gently stick the cones over the entire surface of the ball, the tighter to each other, the better.
  3. Allow the product to dry and, if desired, decorate in any convenient way, for example, paint with paint from a spray can or "sprinkle" with artificial snow.

If the buds have twigs, then it's even easier. It is enough to stick the branches into the base of the foam ball and the New Year's toy is almost ready.

Christmas toy "Snowflake" from cones

It is very easy to assemble a "snowflake" from forest materials. Small elongated cones or small cedar varieties are ideal for her.

Would need:

  • spruce cones;
  • glue gun;
  • decoration for the center of a New Year's toy (bead or snowflake);
  • a piece of twine, colored lace or decorative narrow tape.

The toy can be coated with glitter


  1. Lay out the blanks so that the bases are directed to the center of the future toy.
  2. Glue all parts carefully.
  3. Thread the string through the hole in the center of the toy.
  4. Glue a decorative piece to the center.

Advice! You can cover your Christmas toy with silver spray paint.

Pine cone toys for the New Year "Fairy tale"

In anticipation of the winter holidays, parents with children often make New Year's toys from cones for kindergarten. "Fairy Tale" is just one of these options.

Would need:

  • elongated spruce cone;
  • red and pink felt;
  • small diameter wooden round block (alternatively, you can use an acorn or chestnut);
  • glue gun;
  • thick woolen thread.

You can use wood glue to fix the shape of a natural material.


  1. Color a wooden blank (you can buy it at any hobby and art store), draw the face and hair of a fairy.
  2. Cut out wings and a heart from red felt, and a crown from pink.
  3. Glue the fairy head to the base of the blank, the wings to the back, and the heart to the front.
  4. Carefully glue the crown to the fairy's head.
  5. Form a loop of woolen thread and glue it to the head (it will hang vertically) or to the bump (hang at an angle).

A child can make such a New Year's toy on his own without the help of his parents.

Fragrant pine cone toys for the New Year

The easiest way to make a fragrant Christmas toy is to drip orange or juniper essential oil onto the finished product. However, you can find more interesting options.

Would need:

  • cone;
  • tape;
  • cinnamon stick;
  • orange;
  • It is better to collect cones in a coniferous forest, they will have a more pronounced smell


  1. Form a bow, tighten a loop of twine on it, set aside the desired length and cut off the excess.
  2. Glue the bow to the base of the workpiece, add artificial needles and berries.
  3. Cut the zest from the orange in a circular motion, twist it into a "rose" and glue it next to the bow, place a cinnamon stick in the same place.

In addition to cinnamon, star anise can be used to decorate a fragrant toy.

Other options for toys from cones for the New Year with a photo

Most wood-based Christmas decorations do not take a lot of time. What is at hand is usually enough to make an interesting and original toy.

Funny birds

Bleached blanks can be used to make delicate pigeons, while regular brown ones are suitable for adorable owls.

Would need:

  • cones;
  • felt;
  • glue gun;
  • woolen thread;
  • feathers.

It is important to use good glue, otherwise the whole composition may fall apart


  1. Cut out eyes, legs and wings for the owlet from felt.
  2. Stick the parts in the desired order on the workpiece.
  3. Glue the feathers on the back.
  4. Make a loop of woolen thread and glue it to the bird's head.

Using multi-colored feathers, you can create original and funny representatives of birds.

How to make a deer out of cones for a Christmas tree

No New Year is complete without reindeer toys. You can make them literally in 15-20 minutes.

Would need:

  • cone;
  • brown felt;
  • golden lace;
  • red bead;
  • several thin dried twigs;
  • decorative eyes.

It takes no more than 30 minutes to make crafts.


  1. Glue eyes, horns-shaped twigs and a loop on the base.
  2. Cut the ears out of felt and glue on the sides.
  3. Glue the nose bead on the top of the blank.

Funny gnomes and elves

Dwarfs and elves are made according to the same principle as a fairy.

Would need:

  • elongated bump;
  • felt of different shades;
  • small diameter wooden round block (alternatively, you can use an acorn or chestnut);
  • glue gun;
  • small pom-poms or beads;
  • thick woolen thread.

The craft is a good decoration not only for the Christmas tree, but also for the table and the ceiling.


  1. Colorize the wooden block, draw the eyes and mouth.
  2. Cut out a cone from felt, a thin strip 5-7 mm wide and mittens.
  3. Glue the cone into a cap, on the top of which place a bead.
  4. Glue the gnome's head to the base of the workpiece, mittens on the sides, wrap a scarf around the neck and secure it with glue.
  5. Form a loop of woolen thread and glue it to the head or sew to the top of the gnome's cap.

Herringbone made of scales from a cone

This decoration can be used not only as a Christmas tree decoration, but also as part of the New Year's table decor.

Would need:

  • cones;
  • pliers;
  • cone blank (made of polystyrene);
  • glue gun.

The toy can be decorated with rain or garland


  1. Separate all scales.
  2. Carefully stick them on the cone in horizontal rows in a checkerboard pattern.
  3. Allow the decoration to dry.

As a finishing touch, you can use spray paint or glitter PVA glue.


Christmas toys made of cones are a real scope for imagination and imagination at a surprisingly low financial cost. Creating crafts from forest materials will allow you to have fun with your family and get even closer to each other.

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