Dahlia Mingus: variety description + photo, reviews

Dahlia Mingus: variety description + photo, reviews

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Dahlias bloom luxuriously, for which they are loved by many gardeners. The flowering period of dahlias is long, begins in summer and ends in late autumn, and the cultivation is quite simple, which cannot but rejoice. With the growing variety of shapes and colors of flowers every year, it is sometimes so difficult to make a choice in favor of one or another variety. Let's highlight some of them.

"Mingus Alex"

This variety was developed in the United States in the mid-90s of the last century. It is represented by a gorgeous wine-colored flower.

The height of the plant reaches one meter, the diameter of the inflorescence is on average 23-25 ​​centimeters. This variety requires planting in an area open to sunlight. The distance between the tubers during planting is maintained from 60 to 70 centimeters. Pits for planting are dug 10-15 centimeters deep, the root collar must be kept 2-3 centimeters from the soil level, then the Mingus Alex dahlia will feel good. Require abundant watering.

"Mingus Joshua"

The extravagant fringed dahlia Mingus Joshua will delight every gardener. The petals of a lush lemon-colored flower are split at the ends, which makes it even more voluminous.

The height of the plant is from 100 to 110 centimeters, the diameter of the flower is 15-20 centimeters. It looks great in parterre areas. The place for the fringed, like for any other dahlia, must be chosen correctly: they not only love sunlight, but must also be protected from the wind. Since the plant is quite tall, when planting it, a long stake is driven in, to which the stem is subsequently tied.

Mingus Jackie

Fringed flowers will decorate the garden with dignity. One of them is the dahlia Mingus Jackie. Extravagant color and large inflorescence up to 20 cm in diameter will make it a favorite plant in the garden.

This variety has a raspberry color with a yellow heart, which looks great! Planting is always done at the end of May, because they are afraid of frost. In some regions, it will be appropriate to plant dahlias in early June.

The average plant height is 1 meter and requires a garter.

Mingus Gregory

Dahlia Mingus Gregory has a delicate lilac color and will look great in any garden. It was launched in the United States in 1997.

This flower is unpretentious to grow and is great for cutting. They have unique flower sizes, easily reaching 25 cm. If you want to conquer your friends with the beauty of the garden, be sure to plant it in the spring.

Mingus Randy

Mingus Randy is a dahlia of delicate lilac color with white veins, it was recently bred by breeders. The inflorescence has a standard size of 10-15 cm.

The height of the plant is from 90 to 100 centimeters, the inflorescence is original, it looks very delicate. Perfect for cutting. When planting, you need to pay attention to the fact that the soil is fertile, not overly acidic.


Consider a few reviews about the dahlias of the varieties presented above.

Elena Smirnova, Lobnya

I love dahlias and peonies alike. They are able to bloom brightly, creating a festive atmosphere in the garden for a long time. Planting varieties such as Mingus Randi, Jackie and Volcano annually. They are all fairly easy to grow. Soils like slightly acidic, I add peat as a top dressing.

Ekaterina Volkova, Belgorod

I have these flowers growing in great numbers. The site is heterogeneous, so over the years I noticed: if the sun illuminates the bush for less than 6 hours a day, it will bloom much less. I try to plant the most beautiful varieties on the sunny side. They love water, we do not carry out top dressing.


This plant is distinguished by excellent flowering and unique bright colors. It will decorate any site!

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