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What is not too late to plant for spicy beds

What is not too late to plant for spicy beds

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Summer cottagers, learned about spicy beds, caught fire. What is not too late for them to plant?


Rosemary, oregano, etc. D. It seems to be planted in February. Mmmmm. And so the hands itch

What are the direct beds? only found out about the warm. Now also direct. Well. And a miracle.


Explain to the old woman?

She meant rosemary herbs

Galina, the herbs are different. Spices for tea. Who loves what. I sowed caraway seeds, thyme, savory - rose. Sage - came out alone, but did not survive. Stevia did not rise at all. Baselik

Friends, thyme creeping, sprawling.

Thanks. Everything is clear now.


Lovage, you can right in the garden

The lovage for the spicy beds is probably too big. It can be more than a meter bush. I am thyme (thyme) in a spicy bed, cilantro - directly into the ground, hyssop - first to the greenhouse, then to the exhaust gas

A tarragon is not too big?

I never planted it, I want to try it. I also want sage. But I don’t know how I wintered

Sage and lavender seedlings, but I sowed oregano right in the garden for five years now, growing and happy I live in LO

Tarragon is a huge bush, a meter 1.5 in height and about 1m wide, but beautiful. Sage is also not small, but the koga blooms - a delicate, pleasant aroma, I had clary sage.

My tarragon was well tolerated our winter in the LO, but when I became pregnant with my second child, I was so sick of this smell, I got rid of it

My relative killed a very good plum, planted a lovage under it, and he had the root of the go-go and damaged the plum.

Ninel, in the nursery of the Timiryazev Academy there are a lot of seedlings of spicy herbs and prices are affordable, so you can not bother with seedlings of spicy herbs

I tried fenugreek last year. And so much that you can plant. Marjoram, basil, chervil, the same tarragon. Sage is both beautiful and healthy. Thyme. This year it was used as a seasoning for meat. Liked. Previously, tea was brewed with him.

Also flax obl and how did you sage squeezed the seeds are lying I think how to plant

There is a photo above in a snail on tb and after a couple of days they hatch and fall asleep

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