Milk golden yellow (golden milky): photo and description

Milk golden yellow (golden milky): photo and description

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Milk golden yellow of the russula family, inedible because of the bitter juice. Known As: Golden Milky, Golden Milky Milk, Lactarius chrysorrheus.

Description of the golden yellow breast

The appearance differs from other milkmen in color. A detailed description of the mushroom will allow you not to confuse it with other representatives of the forest kingdom.

Description of the hat

The convex cap gradually opens, a depression forms in the center, and the strongly tucked edges of old fruiting bodies are wavy, bent upward. The smooth skin is matte, shiny in rain, with pronounced spots and circular zones. The width of the cap is 4-10 cm. The color is from ocher, pale salmon or orange-pink to reddish tone.

The thick flesh is brittle, odorless, yellow on the cut due to the emitted whitish juice, peppery in taste, which quickly turns yellow. Thick plates are bifurcated to the end, white in young specimens, creamy pink in old ones.

Leg description

The cylindrical leg is low, up to 8 cm, with age-related changes:

  • first with a mealy, whitish, then with a smooth surface of an orange-pinkish color;
  • solid at first, gradually forms a hollow channel;
  • thickened below.

Where and how does the golden yellow breast grow

The species is often found from early summer to autumn in the deciduous forests of the temperate zone of Eurasia. Mushrooms create mycorrhiza with oaks, chestnuts, beeches. Fruiting bodies are arranged singly or in clusters.

Is the mushroom edible or not

Millers are golden yellow inedible because of the very bitter juice. There are claims that mushrooms need to be soaked for 5-7 days, and the acridity disappears from the pulp.

Warning! A few golden milky will spoil the taste of the rest of the salted mushrooms.

Doubles and their differences

Great resemblance of the inedible species to the oak milky and the real camelina.

The main differences between the golden-yellow chestnut from the often collected twins:

The valuable yellow mushroom, similar in name, grows in damp areas of spruce-birch forests and is not included in the number of twins.


A golden yellow lump can be accidentally taken into a basket. Sort out the mushrooms carefully. This species is soaked separately.

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