Testing of a convection-type heater of the Russian brand Ballu in October at a temperature of +5

Testing of a convection-type heater of the Russian brand Ballu in October at a temperature of +5

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Early October. This year, the weather is extremely warm, which helps summer residents to carry out the last work in the garden before frost. Freezing temperatures have not yet been, and the flowers are beautiful, they delight our eyes with their farewell beauty. Everything has been removed from the beds, even the cabbage, the digging was left for the spring.

But autumn confidently comes into its own. More and more cloudy and rainy days, more often it rains, the grass turns yellow and withers, the leaves on raspberries and fruit trees fall off

At the dacha, you can always find work, it's time to bend down raspberries, cover perennials. On the street thermometer + 5, we dress warmer and get to work.

And it's good in the house! Back in September, the heater of the Russian brand Ballu was switched on in the Comfort mode at minimum power. We checked the safety of electrical outlets, saw whether the wires were heating up or not, made sure that all the connections were reliable, and left.

Today, immediately upon arrival, we looked at the temperature in the room, which was +16. In my opinion, it is already cool, so we immediately increased the power using the buttons on the control unit, so that it became warmer during the day, and it was comfortable to change clothes and get ready for home.

For almost a month of operation of the electric heater, 58 kW was wound on the electric meter, in monetary terms this is about 70 rubles.

The photo below shows that the electric convection-type heater of the Russian brand Ballu is in the USER mode, although when turned on, the "Comfort" mode is automatically set, the temperature is +25 degrees and the AUTO indicator on the control unit is on.

The day passed unnoticed, we worked fruitfully on the site, removed the fallen leaves, dug up the beds in the greenhouse. It's time to leave the dacha for a city apartment.

We checked the room thermometer in our country house and were pleasantly surprised that the temperature increased by 6 degrees in 5 hours.

We again check all the electrical outlets, the reliability of the connection and go home, and leave the electric heater on. Testing continues.

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