Can you plant garlic in or after strawberries?

Can you plant garlic in or after strawberries?

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It is possible to get a good harvest only from a healthy plant with a full vegetation. In order to prevent the spread of pests and infection, it is necessary to observe crop rotation. But not every culture can be a good predecessor. Garlic after strawberries or vice versa is a good option for changing crops on the site. Joint planting of these plants on the site is permissible.

Why plant garlic in or near strawberries

It is not recommended to grow garlic for more than 3 years on the same bed, the soil is depleted, and even with good feeding, the heads rarely reach normal weight. The same requirement for strawberries, if it grows for a long time without transplanting in one area, the berries become smaller, the culture degenerates. Flowering can be abundant, but part of the ovaries crumbles, the yield drops not only because of the unsatisfactory amount of berries, but also because of the small size.

The reason is not only in the depletion of the soil, it can be infected by pests hibernating in the soil. When planting strawberries with garlic, garden strawberries benefit more.

Garlic can be classified as a natural insecticide. In the process of biochemical reactions during growth, the culture releases phytoncides into the soil, which are completely harmless to strawberries, but have a detrimental effect on a number of pathogenic microorganisms that cause:

  • fusarium;
  • anthracnose;
  • varieties of rot;
  • powdery mildew;
  • late blight.

These are the main infections of garden strawberries, which stop progressing if there is garlic in the garden.

Pests are frightened off by the smell of a vegetable crop.

Advice! To enhance the effect, you can trim a few feathers and repeat the procedure until the berries are picked.

The main harm to garden strawberries is caused by slugs, May beetles and strawberry weevils. If garlic is planted in the garden, the problem will be solved without the use of chemicals.

The only drawback with a combined planting is a nematode. The pest infects bulbous crops, but it can also appear on berry crops. In this case, all plants will be affected.

The compatibility of strawberries and garlic in the garden is also beneficial for the vegetable. There is no need to thicken the planting, especially for small areas. The garlic will have more room for the formation of large heads, the aboveground mass will not create shadows, and the air circulation will be much better. Agricultural technology for crops is almost the same. Soil aeration, top dressing, soil moistening and weed removal are necessary at the same time.

At the end of the season, lateral shoots (antennae) are cut off from strawberries, used for further reproduction or removed from the site, freeing up space. After separating the strawberry bushes, you can plant winter garlic. After the procedure, fertile soil remains, therefore, additional fertilizing of the winter crop can be omitted.

Before digging out the vegetable, watering is stopped, this is a prerequisite for picking strawberries

Is it possible to plant garlic after strawberries and vice versa

It is proposed to distribute the crops nearby in various ways. You can plant garlic after strawberries and vice versa, alternating between plants:

  • 2–5 rows of garden strawberries;
  • then the gap is 0.3–0.5 m;
  • several rows of garlic teeth.

In July, the vegetable is dug up, and strawberry rosettes are planted in its place. For the next season, the site will be completely occupied by berry crops. After harvesting, the old plantings set aside for the berry are dug up, the plants are harvested. In the fall, after strawberries, you can plant garlic, observing a crop rotation so that the soil does not deplete.

The next option: combined planting, when the vegetable is placed in the aisles of garden strawberries according to a certain pattern.

How to plant garlic in strawberries

The work is carried out in October; winter varieties are used for this purpose.

Important! The head is divided into teeth, disinfection against pests is carried out using a salt solution (250 g) per 5 liters of water.

The material is dipped into it for several hours, then dried.

Work algorithm:

  1. A hole is made, the depth of which is equal to the height of the prong, multiplied by 4.

    You can take a wooden lath and deepen to the desired size

  2. The recess is widened with a garden trowel.
  3. Sand is placed on the bottom, the hole is filled up to half with fertile soil.
  4. A clove is planted and covered with soil.

Pits are made between the bushes. And you can also plant garlic between the rows of strawberries at each aisle or through one. The distance between the planting material is 25-30 cm.


Garlic is planted after strawberries in order to maintain crop rotation so that the soil does not become scarce. Vegetable culture is recommended in joint planting with garden strawberries. This method relieves the berry of most of the pests and diseases, the yield increases in both plant species.

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