Apple tree "Beauty of Sverdlovsk": variety description and cultivation features

Apple tree "Beauty of Sverdlovsk": variety description and cultivation features

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Apple tree is a deciduous tree from the Pink family with spherical sweet or sour-sweet fruits. These trees grow in countries with moderate climatic conditions. Wild apple trees can be found in most countries and regions in Europe.

Apple trees are the most popular fruit trees among numerous gardeners in Russia and are grown in almost all regions of our country. Every year new varieties appear, both zoned and intended for cultivation in any locality.

General information

Apple trees "Beauty of Sverdlovsk" are actively cultivated in the Middle and Southern Urals, the Upper Volga and central regions of Russia, as well as in the south of the country. The apple tree of this variety grows very well and abundantly bears fruit in the territory of Western Siberia and Altai. In these regions, the stane form of the apple tree is often grown.

Regular and full-fledged fruiting of the Krasa Sverdlovsk variety occurs in the sixth or seventh year after budding. As a result of proper and competent care, the productivity of the variety can reach 200 quintals of fruit per hectare of territory.

Apples of the Krasa Sverdlovsk variety are fairly even and have a round conical shape. The fruits are quite large: the mass of one apple varies from 150 to 300 grams. The pulp has a delicate, slightly creamy tint, is characterized by juiciness, density and fine-grained structure of the chipping type. The tastes are very high. Apples of the “Krasa Sverdlovsk” variety are characterized by resistance to falling and are perfectly stored on the tree until the moment of removable maturity.

The fruits of this variety have a very harmonious, sweet and sour taste, a pronounced aroma, as well as high rates of keeping quality and transportability. The very beautiful shape and even coloring of the fruits made Krasa Sverdlovska variety very profitable for cultivation from a commercial point of view.

Grade description

"Beauty of Sverdlovsk" is one of the most interesting for gardeners of winter varieties of apple trees. It was bred by domestic breeders in order to cultivate plants in the Central region of Russia. Today "Beauty of Sverdlovsk" is very actively cultivated by gardeners of the Urals and Volga region. Shaft formation allows the cultivation of apple trees of this variety in Siberia.

The species is self-infertile. In order to ensure cross-pollination, the plant is recommended to be placed among other varieties of apple trees. The tree is characterized as medium-sized and has a rounded crown. The main branches are curved, and the bark is brown. The branches are located at right angles to the stem.

Fruits are formed on fruit rods and gloves. The shoots of the plant are quite thick and covered with brown bark. They are characterized by articulation, pubescence and have barely distinguishable faces. The leaves of the apple-tree are heart-shaped, large, dark green in color, have a shiny wrinkled surface and serrated serration of the marginal part.

In the spring, the apple tree is covered with a large number of large, white with a pink tint flowers with elongated stamens and pestle. Apple trees of the Krasa Sverdlovsk variety are distinguished from most other varieties by burgundy staining of buds.

The main plus of the variety is the very high taste and marketability of fully ripened fruits. In addition, the advantage of the variety is the excellent keeping quality of apples, as well as their one-dimensionality. The fruits are well preserved during transportation. Apples "Beauty of Sverdlovsk" perfectly kept on the branches until the moment of harvesting the ripened harvest. The variety is relatively resistant to diseases and pests. Among the shortcomings can be distinguished insufficiently high winter hardiness of trees.

How to care for an apple tree in autumn

Chemical composition

The chemical composition of the pulp of apples of the described variety is as follows:

  • the amount of sugars does not exceed 15%;
  • the amount of ascorbic acid varies from 18 to 30 milligrams per hundred grams of apple pulp;
  • the amount of dry soluble substances does not exceed 19%.

In addition, Krasa Sverdlovsk apples contain catechins in an amount of 301 to 406 mg per hundred grams of weight.

Apples of this variety are effective in complex therapy in the treatment of vitamin deficiencies and are recommended for use in hypertensive patients. Fresh apples bring the greatest benefit, but the fruits of this variety are also suitable for processing.

Planting and Care Rules

Apple trees of the Krasa Sverdlovsk variety belong to varieties with average winter hardiness. For this reason, the choice of a landing site should be taken very carefully and responsibly. The site should be selected on a hill, but the place should be well protected from the winds.

Features of care are determined primarily by the climatic conditions of the cultivation region. In the gardens on the territory of the Urals, the procedure of tying the trunk and the bases of the branches of the first order is mandatory. Such an event will protect the insufficiently cold-resistant plant from freezing in the winter.

When growing in Siberia, as well as in the Perm and Sverdlovsk regions, it is required to pay attention to the correct pruning of the plant crown. As a rule, gardeners perform shale formation, which makes it possible to reliably preserve the plant under a layer of snow in winter.

In the process of cultivating an apple tree of the Krasa Sverdlovsk variety, it should be remembered that the buds awaken very slowly on growths. This feature involves the implementation in the spring of a significant crop of last year's growths on young seedlings. In the summer period, it is advisable to pinch new lateral branches over the third or fifth leaf, which will allow for several years to form a compact and very productive crown of the plant.

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Harvesting and storage

The main harvesting period is in September. Apple tree varieties "Beauty Sverdlovsk" can be attributed to winter varieties. The period of storage of the harvested crop lasts from the beginning of October until the May holidays. At the same time, the fruits do not lose commercial quality, as well as high nutritional value. For the purpose of storage, unripe fruits with a greenish-yellow color are collected and laid. Such fruits are still quite hard and sour, and their taste is accompanied by a clear feeling of starchy.

At the storage stage, the collected fruits ripen and the fiber undergoes a natural softening process. When ripening, an increase in sugar content is observed. At this time, the fruits acquire a pleasant cream coloring and a bright blush. Ripe fruits have a delicate and pleasant aroma.

Apple trees in Siberia: the best varieties

Optimum storage temperatures range from zero to four degrees Celsius. Humidity should be maintained at eighty percent. Such conditions will allow tasty and healthy fruits to persist for long months.

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