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When is it better to plant strawberries

When is it better to plant strawberries

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Antonina Sergeevna is interested in: "When is strawberry planted, and how to do it right?"

Not everyone knows when to plant strawberries. But to do this is necessary.

What to sit better with a mustache is known. Reproduction is fast: if there was one bush in the spring, a flower bed will appear in the fall. Inexperienced summer residents will think that the more bushes, the better. In practice, it turns out differently. From the overgrown ridge you get a little harvest. Putting the plantation in order will increase the chances of success. Therefore, strawberries need to be planted. Consider how the process goes.

How to care for the ridge

It is necessary to properly care for the garden. The main thing is to prevent the plantation from overgrown. Take the pruner and chopper and tidy the garden. What should a well-groomed ridge look like?

  1. It is correct when the distance between the beds is equal and coincides with the width of the beds. So the mustache will not spread to neighboring ridges. You will be able to move freely around the garden. Each bush will receive the optimal amount of sunlight.
  2. Mustache must be removed on plants that are supposed to be planted. In the spring, it is better to pluck flowers.

When to plant

In summer, seating. Better to lead her from July 15. In the south, you can carry out work until the 20th, in the middle lane - later. Strawberries are recommended to transplant at sunset. Then the young bushes will not suffer from the hot sun.

Correct work

Strawberries of any kind can be planted in a universal way. Preparation needs to be carried out in the spring.

  • Choose bushes that bear fruit well last year.
  • Remove the flowers.
  • Strawberries plants will not give, but you will become the owner of a luxurious mustache with sockets. The uterus plant will produce 30 new shrubs.
  • In the summer, until July, no intervention is required. Strawberries should only be watered.
  • Then you have to prepare the site. Loosen the soil, fertilize, mark out.

When it is time to plant, dig holes with a diameter of 15 centimeters, the depth should be appropriate. The distance between the bushes should be 40 centimeters.

  • Next, cut the "umbilical cord" outlets. You can use garden shears. If you’re not sure that you’ll do it right, check out the cropping video.
  • Carefully dig up young plants, their roots are fragile.
  • It is better to transfer bushes with a part of soil to a new bed.
  • Place the plants in the wells, sprinkle with soil on top, water.
  • Watering strawberries should be done often, but it should be moderate - enough 2 times a day.
  • Loosening can be done once every 14 days.

There will be no good harvest in the fall. But next year we can expect excellent fruiting. Seedlings are conducted to increase plantation and for rejuvenation.

When a plant is more than three years old, it is not necessary to wait for large berries in the fall. "Elderly bushes" should be removed, dried, burned. Ash will go to fertilizer. The nutrients contained in it can be used to feed young plants.

Process features

You can transplant every 2 years. This is required to get "kids" from the best bushes.

Important! The plant is loved by larvae of the May beetle, wireworms, how they look, can be seen in video or photo. Before planting, it is recommended to spill the bed with ammonia water. Alkaloid lupine should be planted next to the ridges. Insects will eat it and die.

You can use sockets from the most productive and from the largest bushes. From the bush you can get up to 30 outlets, how the plant looks with them, the video will tell.

Important! At the same time, the plant can not have an excellent mustache and berries.

When watering outlets, they should be covered with paper. Loosening of beds is carried out in August. This will provide access to the roots of oxygen, reduce the evaporation of moisture from the soil. The vertical channels that appear in the ground during the evaporation of water will be destroyed.

During the summer, an excellent bush is formed, and in the fall there will be a good harvest. If there is sufficient snow cover in winter, the bushes will overwinter well. If there is insufficient snow cover, you should cover the ridges with straw. We also offer you to learn how to save strawberries from return frosts.

How to prune strawberries

In order to get a huge harvest of berries in the fall, you should plant strawberry bushes. If you are not sure that you can do everything right, check out the special video on the rules of transplantation. However, the presented rules should be enough to work without errors.

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